Kristin Bauer reveals 'True Blood' hopes

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Kristin Bauer reveals 'True Blood' hopes Empty Kristin Bauer reveals 'True Blood' hopes

Post  rosekitty on Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:54 am

Kristin Bauer has revealedDesperate Housewives dvd that she would love the fourth season of True Blood toDesperate Housewives box set feature scenes from the original books by Charlaine Harris.In Harris's fourth novel Dead Scrubs dvd seasonTo The World, Eric loses his memory because of witchesScrubs dvd and stays with Sookie forScrubs box set safety.According to Entertainment Weekly, Bauer has now revealed that she would love the scenes to appear in the television House MD dvd seasonshow."The storyline with Eric losing his mind nextHouse MD dvd box set year may happen, which I think would be very hysterical," she said.House MD dvd "[Alexander Skarsg?rd, who plays Eric,] is an extremely comedic actor. He is very funnyEntourage dvd season. A lot of peopleEntourage dvddidn't see him in Zoolander and [don't]Entourage box set know how funny he can be. I would love for him to doDexter seasons 1-4 that in his vampire character."Meanwhile, Sam Trammell,Dexter box set who plays Sam, promised that the new seasonDexter dvd will be even more eventful than the last."What would that mean for me?" he continued.The office complete season "I don't know. I just know I'll be taking offThe office dvd my clothes a lot."Rutina Wesley has revealed that she wants her.True Blood character Tara to have a good relationship in the fourth season.Tara left Bon Temps in the lastThe office box set finale and Wesley admittedShaun The Sheep dvd season that she has no ideaShaun The Sheep dvd if she will return to the show."I don't know,"Shaun The Sheep dvd box set she said. "They tell me nothing. I have no idea... I don't know what's going onncis dvd season. They literally keep us guessing."However, Wesley admitted ncis seasons 1-7 that she would like Tara ncis box set
to be a stronger character if she does return24 dvd season."If she does come back, I would love to see her have some more power and 24 dvdstrength and stability," she said. "And, you know, a love interest24 box set who's human and not crazyThe dead zone dvd... No-one who's been to prisonwomen's murder club box set. You know, just normal. Just somebody normalThe King of Queens dvd. Just give me a guy - a good, good guyremington steele dvd !"True Blood", as the biggest TV nominee at Spike Scrubs Season 9 box set dvdTV's 2010 Scream Awards, showed its domination during the OctoberNip Tuck dvd box set 16 gala. The event to unveil the winners this year was held at Greek Theater in Los Angeles, attendedNip Tuck dvd by a lot of horror stars. However, it will notNumb3rs dvd season be televised on Spike TV until Tuesday, October 19.
The first victory fromNumb3rs dvd box set the HBO series came from the category of "Holy Sh--! Scene of the Year" whichNumb3rs dvd assigned Rainn Wilson of "The Office" to announce. In taking thestar trek complete series title, "True Blood" beat the 'Paris weeds Seasons 1-5 dvd box setfolding' and 'freight rain drivesThe Forgotten dvd through city' scenes in "Inception", 'Damon Charlie and Lola dvdMacReady shoots little daughterUgly Betty dvdin the chest' in "Kick-Ass", 'Dren mates with Clive' in "Splice" Ugly Betty dvd box setand the 'destruction of Los Angeles' in "2012 (2009)".The second winningUgly Betty dvd season came from Best TV Show category, which means "Lost" and "Dexter" did not walk away with The Golden Girls dvdthe coveted prize. Alexander Skarsgard who plays Eric won BestThe Golden Girls dvd box set Horror Actor while Anna Paquin who portrays the heroineThe Golden Girls complete seasonSookie went home with Best Horror Actress.More winners includingCalifornication dvd box set the ones for feature films will be unveiled when the event goes on airCalifornication dvd.Beside revealing winners, the event also gave an exclusive clip of "The Walking Dead" charmed seasons 1-8 dvd box setwhich is AMC's new take on zombie series. Coincidentally, the Best Comic Book or Graphic NovelCalifornication dvd season
went to "The Walking Dead" tome the show is based on. Also, it was a "Lost" reunion whenDoctor Who Seasons 1-5 dvd box set Jorge Garcia, Harold Perrineau and Ian Somerhalder Doctor Who dvd box setappeared on stage to quench fans' thirst about unanswered questions.


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