"Kung fu panda 2: dragon warrior war peacock king"

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"Kung fu panda 2: dragon warrior war peacock king" Empty "Kung fu panda 2: dragon warrior war peacock king"

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River lake top rumored, as voice actors for Angelina jolie "kung fu panda 2" to chengdu propaganda, I was excited, I also had smoked in the past to imagine, if this little girl came, I sexy, pretending to be one day go after certain star, airport, hotel... The place where she would appear, I will follow through to the end. Unfortunately, the truth is in the dream dreams about. I also finally can't met the most sexy girl, but at least I can still go to cinema to hear her highly magnetic voice.
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I've been feeling why we have no such anime film, kung fu and pandas are local specialties? All my friends laugh at my stupid too naive, this is not our concerns, we only care about this sequel exactly good-looking? The answer is yes. Story continued on for a set, still flagship thick Chinese wind, and this time the treasure to kill a hole
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Rosefinch king, is really to China as the savior of the world. More let's sichuan proud of, films a lot of beautiful scene is the so-called world nexus chief and creation. Qingcheng mountain After watching the first episode, many have wondered why the panda bo's dad would be a duck? This let the world for three years the annoying fan kink, may in the formal announced the answer.
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"Kung fu panda 2" voice abnormal luxurious, except squad is still the first movie jack black, Angelina jolie, dustin hoffman, Seth Logan, Jackie chan, liu etc, Gary outside all return to Manchester, doug hayes Odysseus cloud is bolden, michelle yeoh also offer sound respectively houst in the second part, the three new role -- big king, a villain peacock crocodile kung fu masters, goats Nostradamus soundtracks.
This is a when in everybody entertainment movies. Watch Can let you have a pleasant holiday, let everyone laugh!The Tudors dvd
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