Jane Lynch Tapped to Host 'Saturday Night Live'

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Jane Lynch Tapped to Host 'Saturday Night Live'

Post  rosekitty on Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:46 am

Like Betty White, Lynch has a number of devoted fans who took the effort of creating a certain Facebook page to get her to host. "An actor with a background in sketch comedy and improv hosting SNL, what? If Taylor [Lautner] and Betty can host SNL, so can Jane," a statement on the page says. The campaign has gained more than 3,000 supporters before the goal was achieved.

Back at San Diego Comic Con in July The Sopranos season 6 this year, "V" showrunner Scott Rosenbaum said that The Sopranos complete seriesthey will introduce Anna's mother in the new season.The Sopranos season Keeping the details short, Rosenbaum did not say The Sopranos dvdthat they had someone from the original series in mind.

Jane Badler will be reprising Boston Legal dvd her '80s role as Diana. The actress first slipped in the role in the Sons of anarchy dvd 1983 telepic "V" before reprising it on the miniseries as well as Sons of anarchy season 2 the TV series which was canceled abruptly by NBC in 1985.

According to TV Guide, Diana is being kept in a part The Closer dvdof the mother ship that is set up to look The Closer dvd collection like the V's home planet. Rosenbaum Mad men dvdsaid at the Con that Diana will be introduced in Mad men season 3the first episode as a mean to explain where the visitors come from. The show, however, will not return until midseason.

In the last episode of season 2, viewers were given a glimpse of Anna feeling her first human emotion. "It starts in episode one, with the continuation of the Red Sky story, and an explanation of the fact that Anna felt human emotion for the first time, and unleashed the RMonk dvded Sky early, how that really starts to screw MacGyver complete seriesup the whole plan that Anna had come up with,MacGyver dvd" Rosenbaum revealed.

Harry Connick Jr., Chris Isaak and Shania bleach dvdTwain are no longer in the running the simpsons season dvd to take over the judging chairs vacated the simpsons dvdby Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell the simpsons complete series dvdon TV talent show "American Idol", according to new reports.

The trio has been mentioned the simpsons dvd box set as contenders in recent weeks, alongside Jennifer the simpsons season 6 dvd box set Lopez, Steven Tyler, Jessica true blood dvd Simpson and Justin Timberlake. A source tells EW.com that true blood dvd collection Lopez and Tyler are still very much possibilities mash complete dvd to sit alongside existing judge Randy Jackson, but all the other celebrities are no longer on the wish list.

Former producer Nigel Lythgoe,mash dvd who favours a three-person panel,cold case dvd has returned to the show. Furthermore, cold case dvd season 7they have switched label from Sonyone tree hill dvd to Universal as the agreement with Sony has expired.one tree hill dvd series More updates about who's in and who's out are expected to emerge in the coming one tree hill season 7 dvdweeks.

Sofia Vergara says she will not run around naked glee season 1 dvd when "Modern Family" wins at the Primetime Emmy Awards, glee dvd season but she will walk. A guys magnet,adventures of Merlin dvd the actress who portrays the sexy second wife to Ed O'Neill's Jay Pritchett is answering the challenge put up by the show's team to rome series dvdcampaign for an Emmy win.

An ad was put up on Variety last month as part rome dvdof "for your consideration" campaign, stating that Vergara would run Homicide: Life on the Street dvd naked down Sunset Boulevard if the show wins in the Best Homicide: Life on the Street series dvd Comedy category over "Nurse Jackie", "30 Rock", "The Office",The Vampire Diaries dvd "Glee" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm". The catch is "Cast member may change without notice."

Responding to the challenge, JAG dvd season Vergara said, "You know what, that's ridiculous. I cannot run - I have badollhouse dvdd knees. JAG dvdI was planning to do that, you know the sport where they... speed walk.The Prisoner complete seriesBut that's what I'm going to do.The Prisoner dvd I'm not going to run." She added, "Ed is ready to do it too. Ed O'Neill. He told me, 'Sofia,The Prisoner dvd season if something happens, I'm ready'."

The 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards The Prisoner dvd box setwill be handed out on August 29. "Modern Family" is up for 14 nominations including Sex and the City box setBest Supporting Actress for Vergara.
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