Sofia Vergara Would Go Naked If 'Modern Family' Wins Emmy

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Sofia Vergara Would Go Naked If 'Modern Family' Wins Emmy

Post  rosekitty on Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:02 am

"Modern Family" could win an JAG dvd Emmy for the wrong reason. The ABC comedy Sex and the City box setreleased on Monday, July 26 an Emmy poster campaign How I met your mother dvdthat stated Sofia Vergara would run Everybody hates Chris dvd seasonaround naked on Sunset Boulevard Remington Steele dvd if the show wins Outstanding Comedy at the upcoming Primetime Emmy Awards.

The poster which was published Xena Warrior Princess series dvd on Variety however was for comedic purpose. Heroes season 4A small asterisk is included, saying "Cast member may change without notice". Vergara herself has not commented on the Emmy campaign and thus it is unknown whether she agreed to the idea.

"Modern Family" in fact is a big nominee Lost dvd series dvdbecause it pockets 14 nominations including a Best Supporting Dark Angel season Actress in a Comedy for Vergara. Most of the lead cast earn a nod except for Ed O'Neill whose role as family man Jay is overlooked. In the Best Dark Angel series dvdComedy category, "Modern" will have to compete Dawson's Creek dvd against "Glee", "Curb Your Enthusiasm", "Nurse Jackie", "Dawson's Creek series dvd30 Rock" and "The Office".

Why is Desperate Housewives' who dvd box set McCluskey such a favorite of project runway dvd box setAcademy voters? Joosten believes it's because law and order dvd box set "I'm relatable to every family.supernatural dvd box set Everyone has one McCluskey in their family,shaun the sheep dvd season but not everyone has a gorgeous shaun the sheep dvdHousewife." Joosten, who after six years of shaun the sheep dvd box setplaying a recurring guest star The office series dvd will finally work this year as The office dvda series regular, submitted the episode in The office season 6 dvd box setwhich her character received both a marriage proposal The office dvd box set— and a cancer diagnosis. A touchy subject The office dvd seasonfor a comedy category, Dexter dvd seasonbut Joosten says she was purposely trying to show Dexter series dvd"a juxtaposition between the comedy and the Dexter dvd drama." Joosten is happy to report that she, Dexter box setlike her character, has been cancer-free now for nine Entourage series dvd months. "What was very important for me Entourage dvdwas visualizing my body's Entourage dvd seasonlittle warriors fighting the cancer cells.House MD dvd I do that daily."

Eric Stonestreet can add House MD series dvd"Emmy nominee" to his resume now,House MD tv but the Modern Family actor isn't expecting any special treatment after today.

Gloria Reuben is a Drop Dead Diva. star trek?complete?seriesAt least, she will be when she guest-stars in the Lifetime star?trek?dvd series.

In the season finale,star?trek?generations the Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated star?trek?box?setactress will play Professor Kathy Miller,Criminal minds Jane (Brooke Elliott) and Criminal minds dvdGrayson's (Jackson Hurst) latest client, criminal minds has learned exclusively.

Watch full episodes criminal minds episode of Drop Dead Diva

"Professor Miller is a Criminal minds series dvdbrilliant geneticist suffering from a terminal illness,Criminal minds dvd collection" executive producer Josh Berman says. Miller criminal minds season 5wants to be cryogenically frozen before criminal minds season 4 her body and mind deteriorates criminal minds tv as her illness progresses.

"Jane and [the] team use Curb Your Enthusiasm dvd cutting-edge law to represent their client,Curb Your Enthusiasm season only to find out that Professor Miller Curb Your Enthusiasm box sethas one big secret she's never told anyone," says Berman.

Cheers to Bradley Whitford star?trek?complete?seriesfor his full-throttle comedic performance as dissolute Dallas cop Dan Stark on Fox's new action hoot star?trek?generations The Good Guys. It's hard to imagine star?trek?box?seta character more starkly opposed Criminal mindsto Whitford's breakthrough role as hyperverbal criminal minds seasonWhite House staffer Josh Lyman on The West Wing.criminal minds episode With his well-combed porn-stache, retreating hairline, fashion-crime wardrobe and penchant for booze, broads and busting punks, he's like a Southern-fried Sipowicz, only played for belly star?trek?dvdghs. You've gotta admire an actor who's so willing Criminal minds dvd collectionto sacrifice his vanity for the sake of his odd-couple chemistry with buttoned-down partner Jack Bailey (Colin Hanks). It's too bad the title Turner & Hooch was taken by Colin's dad,criminal minds season 5 because you can practically smell criminal minds season 4 the sour mash on Dan's breath.

Do you agree Bradley Whitford's criminal minds tv great on The Good Guys?
A fictional global blackout Curb Your Enthusiasm dvdchanged many people's fates on FlashForward, and now fans Curb Your Enthusiasm box set of the ABC drama are hoping a series of blackouts will Curb Your Enthusiasm dvd collectionhelp change the canceled show's fate as well.

Weeks after ABC failed Curb Your Enthusiasm series dvdto renew the ratings-challenged freshman drama, fans are curb your enthusiasm episodeorganizing massive staged blackouts to take place in front of ABC Seinfeld dvdoffices in Los Angeles, New York,Seinfeld dvd seasonChicago, and several other major cities on June 10.

Buy FlashForward DVD

"On October Seinfeld box set 6, 2009,Curb Your Enthusiasm season the whole world blacked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, Seinfeld seriesat the start of what promised to be ABC's CSI Las Vegas dvd new hit show, FlashForward," CSI Las Vegas dvd seasonthe "Save FlashForward" website says. "On June 10th,CSI Las Vegas box set there will be another blackout,CSI dvd this time to change fate."

In addition to the staged blackouts,CSI Las Vegas dvd collection fans have begun sending calendars with the date April 29th circledCSI Las Vegas series dvd (the date of the flash-forwards and of the second global blackout), friendship bracelets CSI season 10like the one Charlie gave her father, Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes),Medium season and letters to ABC President Stephen Medium dvdMcPherson.

The staged blackouts and mailingsMedium series mirror previous fan efforts to save cult series. Medium dvd box setIn 2008, Jericho fans sent peanuts CBS executives, csi miami dvd seasonpersuading them to give the show a short second csi miami dvdseason. Last year, Chuck viewers locked in crime scene investigation dvda Season 3 renewal by flocking to series advertiser csi miami series dvdSubway as part of the "Finale and a Footlong" campaign.

FlashForward's May 27th season Disney dvd collectionfinale ended with a number of cliff-hangers, putting disney 100 years of magic dvd box setthe future of main charactersDisney dvd box setBenford and FBI agent Janis Hawk (Christine Woods) intodisney dvd question and showing flash-forwards of 2011 and 2015.Disney box set The episode attracted 4.95 million viewers.

Regardless of fans' best efforts,disney classic collection it's unlikely that the show has a real shot at a second season. Disney dvdThree of the drama's main cast members, including Fiennes,Disney classic dvd Woods and Zachary Knighton, have already Disney series dvdcommitted to other TV projects.

Curb Your Enthusiasm box set
Curb Your Enthusiasm dvd collection
Curb Your Enthusiasm series dvd
curb your enthusiasm episode
Seinfeld dvd
Seinfeld dvd season
Seinfeld box set
Seinfeld series


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Re: Sofia Vergara Would Go Naked If 'Modern Family' Wins Emmy

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Who the fuck are you?


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