Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "guangzhou sneak preview only mermaid is surprise

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Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "guangzhou sneak preview only mermaid is surprise Empty Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "guangzhou sneak preview only mermaid is surprise

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Pirates of the Caribbean second-ranking four "and" steel guitar "preview yesterday. The audience said the former, the latter a bit dull lines is very humor.Entourage dvd

Second-ranking our newspaper appraisal: dozen 3D banner pirates of the Caribbean 4 "if the energy used in the production of the big occasion, perhaps can reverse" boring "situation. The steel guitar "reputation so good, need not worry completely title didn't attract the audience.Ghost Whisperer dvd

SMW reporter JianFang interns sviri ge Johnny Depp movie Pirates of the Caribbean 4: difficult blame waves "(Pirates of the Caribbean: OnStrangerTides) will this month 20 formal theaters. Return to the big screen captain jack although drew the Spanish beauties petunia roper ยท cruz and a bunch of charm, or appear a little mermaid &mobilization difficult, says a, ap review "although this is part of a series of clinging to the shortest, still let a person feel too long". Yesterday the film in guangzhou sneak preview, audience response also is such.Dexter dvd

The shortest time series building "the longest" adventure sequel

"Pirates of the Caribbean" since 2003, projected since the advent of the length has been challenges audiences bladder. The first episode of the second set, 143 minutes soul coffins "150 minutes of clustering in the third set" at world's end ", but also every reached 168 minutes, let cinema managers to complain bellowed. This "surges" although to 138 minutes, two and a half men dvdbut a series of the shortest audiences take absolutely no more short feeling. Captain jack still continue to adventure, only this time line of people on the find fountain of youth journey, a member of the audience complained, "or those old things, in addition to his little mermaid, other."

Well, yes, mermaid play. Earlier in the propaganda film when he mentioned many times, the mermaid officially unveiled, indeed as expected they let many people have the feeling of jing. When Australia model jia Emma ward surfaced that most of the audience were secretly "wow" a sound. The Simpsons dvdBy gil ast li after DE bogs looms frei as Reese's beth another mermaid playing, she pitiful quest shape also is touched an audience of heart. It is said that she is pale skin, keep the when to Hawaii have never dare to enjoy sunbathing. A female audience after finish still remember, "why not make a starring piece with a mermaid!"

Captain jack fight it by yourself ChengLiang points. Cruz rob theatre

In "pirates of the Caribbean" of the first three episodes, Johnny Depp, Orlando bloom, and keira knightley knight Sally become already "triangle", the other two horns, see not, and captain jack had to even harder. Whether its first big make imperial court, true and false captain kwok, or later took the silver cup, Depp opportunely are played his consistent hatted tramp, sometimes in the cinemas out flares of laughter from the audience. Although the daily express some names, "captain jack regression not a major surprise," but there is still some fans strongly recommended, "all love Depp and don't want to be movie plot and movie scene interference friends blessed and pirates of the Caribbean 4" is for your custom-made2!"
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In addition, since captain jack dancing.until there, director Bob Marshall specially for he arranged a former girlfriend Penelope cruz heartthrob. In the film, petunia roper with a kind of audience unexpected ways in each link, and play a female pirates shown in bold, wisdom and spirit of adventure, it is rob foot eyeballs. Unfortunately, in addition to a field of the tango with candlelight, moonlight drama, in which she and Depp and not many feelings play, let alone affectionate shot, "is a total waste of her body!"

The 3D effect with 2D is wearing and not wearing the same glasses

Finally had to ask is, "pirates of the Caribbean 4" is this series made with 3D technology debut work, claims to be first filmed by Disney digital 3D technology of "pirates" film, Star Trek Voyager dvdoutdoor adventure by all the most advanced R ed3D camera completed. But unfortunately, these high-tech means signally failed to persuade the audience. With the audience after admission with glasses and take off for several times, with the glasses to determine their three-dimensional marquee see a really is in the movie, "although I three-dimensional is like captain jack, but the 3D effect also is not obvious it."


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