Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "captain jack return mermaid rob play

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Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "captain jack return mermaid rob play Empty Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "captain jack return mermaid rob play

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These mermaid supermodels in seven is 22 is a flower swimming athlete

Most attended the Beijing Olympic Games

The first morning paper dispatch in the mainland and global synchronous released blockbuster "pirates of the Caribbean 4" held yesterday in chengdu, tomorrow ShiYingHui zero media the 2D version, the 3D version will also released in chengdu each big studios,true blood dvd which formally lifted the curtain the summer season. Johnny Depp plays captain jack returned, but wonderful degree than before 3 set lower but many. When everybody for neurotic captain aesthetical fatigue, a group of naked mermaid jing to appear, all audiences were "electricity" awake.

Captain jack become serious
Disney movies dvd
4 "pirates of the Caribbean 3 days ago at the cannes film festival, then try water by European media sneering at it. Yesterday in chengdu appearance, everyone still feel and before 3 sets have certain disparity. Are expected to do that "captain jack" in this drama suddenly become serious, the entire movie the punchline 10, and as window of 3D technology, Disney dvd collectionalso be evaluated for many viewers even without, said: "wear the 3D glasses actually just to see clear subtitles." Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "is about captain jack Depp plays for his old lover - Penelope families spent the role of the shenanigans, and boarded Anna queen revenge for the story of youth, spring. But the two individuals without electricity, but appeared completely because of owning a join, Penelope, so the play Depp captain jack become serious.one tree hill dvd

Director rob Marshall has said the film 3D effect to let the audience completely immersed in captain jack world. In order to coordinate this effect, a crew to choose beautiful rainforests 1, desert island point. But more awkward is, film 3D effect is not obvious, the more didn't bring the shock of battle scene, and the effects of all of benchmarking compared o far worse.24 dvd
Mermaid jing "JiuChang"

In everybody to captain jack a little helpless, director arranged a mermaid and crew war drama. In the film, in order to complete a ceremony, the captain need to capture and get their tears. Mermaid

In legends, mermaid is a kind of violent sea monster, living in white caps bay, all is a beauty, all want to eat people.the office dvd Including gil ast li DE bogs looms frei play Reese's beth SaiLinNa inside, appeared in front of sailors, which is very jing mermaid seven participants play by supermodel and another 22 skilled synchronized swimming athlete, many of them have participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

These mermaid dance moves and queue design from all professional coach, complementary with full motion capture system, later again by computer systems are complete the processing. When a group of naked mermaid in water, rolling, caper audience all also excited about up and rejoin the plot of. Gil ast li DE bogs looms frei play Reese's beth caught by crew mermaid, she sometimes half man, half the fish swim in the water -- again, was naked on land imprisoned, she is the whole movie after the film ended the window, all thoughts are the audience actor snow-white skin tail mermaid eyes and pure.House MD dvd

Only 23 years old in the eph Reese's bei is France currently popular idols, she almost in France, but in household international haven't publicity, pirates of the Caribbean 4 "it sure makes her turning red.

> > > synchronous broadcasts "pirates 4" domestic box office 3 billion. Target

Pirates of the Caribbean flinging tomorrow in the upcoming 4 ", because this series release close-knit Johnny Depp's reputation and the power, the film will become the only film TV domination next week. From 20th on, more than half of the chengdu all studios will show before the film and hall of the 3D movie theaters in formal let Raytheon "pirates of the Caribbean 4".

Because a blockbuster under "kung fu panda 2" will be released on May 28, the pirates 4 ", leaving the main slotted for 7 days a week. According to industry insiders revealed, because the film have 3D gimmicks, all studios 3D hall will show the film, The Tudors dvdconsidering the 3D fares is higher, the film in the domestic box office will soon after billion and eventually cannot reach a piece square 300 million yuan expected to see.


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