The pirates 4 premiere of Depp fans signature desperate for close to people

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The pirates 4 premiere of Depp fans signature desperate for close to people Empty The pirates 4 premiere of Depp fans signature desperate for close to people

Post  babycanread123 on Wed May 18, 2011 7:48 am

Produced by Disney studios, Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) fantasy blockbuster starring Pirates of the Caribbean 4: difficult blame waves "(Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) is released in 20, in London, has held a great film the first showing ritual, starring Johnny Depp once again show his close to people not only to" desperate demeanor: "and invited fans signature of a small fan company do red carpet.the office dvd

Johnny Depp, though as a Hollywood superstar, but he is low-key, to love yourself more has been the fans with gratitude, often in premiere signature to insist to be their adversary. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "earlier in California when held the Disney World premiere" enter said: Depp life this stage, I think the most important than returns and gratitude, thank the support pirates fans!" While in British London's first showing ritual, Depp is physically, with the support of fans action made model: even if be bodyguard took to go, he also "desperate" adhere to sign the fans.House MD dvd

In addition, in the London premiere red carpet link, Depp also specially invited a fan ─ ─ as his female companion in just 10 years old dick Tracy Bess Lawrence rapp, Beatrice Delap) (. Beckham, Greenwich district meridian is Tracy, elementary school students last October, she had written to the captain jack, hope he can take his department down to overturn her teachers. Depp was London filming "the pirates of the Caribbean 4",The Simpsons dvd after he didn't know this matter with captain jack makeup, the identity of the pirates, taking their subordinates visited the meridian elementary school, Tracy, let Bess classmates pleasantly surprised, screaming and brutality. Then Depp for little show 15 minutes, but said he couldn't override teacher, because don't wanna make any trouble, benign fatherly side all show.The Tudors dvd
Bess cui Lawrence di rapp, of course that he would be invited guests, designated Depp to attend "pirates of the Caribbean 4" London premiere. Her happy wear red skirt appeared, and Depp together in the red carpet with cheers and accept fans global media spotlight.Dexter dvd "He's really, really very amiable," Bess, Tracy memories later got up and said, "and hugged me once again last year in school. Calculate on the back, he totally hugged me twice!"Entourage dvd

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: difficult blame wave is the story captain jack looking for mysterious "fountain of youth" in the legend, 20 May log on global cinema, home also will not cut, a sword in 2D, 3D, IMAX 3D cinema synchronous appear. When the audience on the big screen and can enjoy Johnny Depp charm.Ghost Whisperer dvd


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