"Tree of life" : create stream-of-consciousness classic

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 "Tree of life" : create stream-of-consciousness classic Empty "Tree of life" : create stream-of-consciousness classic

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Be known as "Hollywood poet" American director terrence · malek new work "tree of life" ZhanYing lumiere hall today in cannes. The fourth decade cannot be called the fifth minister piece "good" movies, because real art cannot use "good" and "bad" to measure. Cold Case dvd"Good" film can be blockbuster, touching and thoughtful, how to make them happy, just don't like "tree of life" so close to pure, let aesthetic lost evaluation criterion, can only use "accept" or "do not accept" to treat it. But whether it accepts, just as well it become and a stream of consciousness movie classics.
Movies main story happened in the 1950s, jack (adult Texas by Sean Penn plays) was born in a middle-class family, father (brad Pitt).shebeginstofall is air force, a son asked said to him every word must first say "" yes, sir" stern father, mother is gentle family woman, in such an environment, jack and his two brothers grew up.Spartacus dvd For his father's psychological resistance, jack slowly produce violence, confusion, however, such as many negative emotions, let his brother's untimely death began to think about "life" the heavy propositions.
Film filled the inner monologue and philosophical meaning an aesthetic feeling and imaginative picture, terrence · of images and music of malek understanding and expression let a person gasp in admiration. The images in the most moving people of color and composition is not beauty (and, of course, they also is really beautiful), but in each case the vitality that rich picture.Scrubs dvd Malek has put simple physical exercise to upgrade to the art scene scheduling level, the diffusion and material inside lens deep movement, give a person is not only visual impact, can even in lens scheduling in life rhythm feeling. The image is not his movie means, but his actor Sean Penn, is better than more, brad Pitt this I more skilled actors, directors as long as photography frame good point of view, you can see them flowery life dance.
Gossip Girl dvd
With the audience before, says that although malek works in the magnificent picture everywhere, but "tree of life" to image performance was too much, high-speed shooting lava burst, wave surge, sand flow even cell movements, stars running... The most extreme, there are over more than 10 minutes of paragraphs, do not have completely characters, from macroscopical to microcosmic prehistoric world, director, with fluent, no logical traces of technique, will he think all the good with vitality picture clips together. There is a two-year's opinion about beauty of beauty, but these lenses do more unbearable. Actually, director to speak is "life", so why only pay attention to people? The waves of sand dunes grain, track, does not the true meaning of life? These seemingly redundant picture each in rendering the tension, so life here don't need plot, or they have is the story itself.
The Big Bang Theory dvd
Open my eyes is peerless image, and closed my eyes is the great movement, the tree of life, the movie is a symphonic soundtrack. Despite movies, golden globe for best original music winner works of Alexander diss platt with high art itself, see his creation value resume: harry potter and death holy implements ", "the king's speech", "the great father fox", "the twilight city"...... "Tree of life" such a philosophical argument strong film gave Alexander more creative space, grand symphonies and hymns of perfect match the movie "life" theme. If no such awards, not cannes best of the original music is going to be another fall into his hands.
NCIS dvd
In the stream of consciousness in the movie, the inner monologue is always important. And for malek the didn't graduated from harvard students, the philosophy department but not only reflect, contemplative movie monologue. Embodied in In this movie, music, with pictures, director of acoustics and all the things in the appeared in a movie to think, the most JianBai instead of human thinking exhaustion. Actor monologue lines often appear confused cross-examine "you know we are born?" "How do I come back?" "Where are they?" And with bitterness than but a flower bloom remembrance of enlightenment. All the splash, magma, gravel, stars, with their trajectory given the answer of life. In the movie, not only people and animals, life is the director will his philosophy thoughts embodied in the universe life show charm. Film finally, middle-aged Sean Penn (son), than his actual age small Pitt (father), young second son of (dead son) bizarre appear in the same picture, in the space, metaphor heaven father eventually reconciliation to life completed malek questions.
Such a popular movies, after screening, actually is a get booed conceivable. Movie since her birth, from have been in "for audience service" (commercial value) and "pure art." this is usually the paradoxes of the line, is squeezed embarrassed because it is group works, decided that it can not like other art forms that whatever disregard, "cater to" and "compromise" became each director had to face problems only in degree, how much difference.One Tree Hill dvdBut art, no rules established has only verdict, even if the movie this "seventh art" to suffer much restriction, also should allow it to pure, borrow malek before further before the day "work" heaven a commentary "it is only a movie, no matter what kind of art adapted to it, or genre, and poetry, drama, prose may play, or than it but it's a movie of pure." And this is classic meaning.
The festival today, that failed to attend the film is first malek director, whole depend release a person hold games. Pitt Some speculation director may be got mixed trembling to the comments. The author to think of it, perhaps, this paper discusses the life malek will mean more important than dealing with the media.dexter dvd


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