The cannes film festival ZhanYing Chinese drama only ZhenWei sasha "knight-errant" "

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The cannes film festival ZhanYing Chinese drama only ZhenWei sasha "knight-errant" " Empty The cannes film festival ZhanYing Chinese drama only ZhenWei sasha "knight-errant" "

Post  babycanread123 on Sat May 14, 2011 9:03 am

Cannes on May 12, local time, more star came to film festival, film starring for their bids. After three years, "kung fu panda 2" again in cannes, participate in the hold conference dubbing Angelina jolie,Disney dvd collection
dustin hoffman and jack black appear. Chinese movie, and the only ZhanYing piece "martial arts", including main also arriving in the KuiWei seven years to visit cannes, triggering countries takeshi kaneshiro appearance of popular. Reporter
Julie await Chinese filmmakers "silk"
This time, Julie not quite big. In which she continue to "fierce charming voice tiger" corner, she said: "fierce jiao tiger is my personal one of most proud role." one tree hill dvd
But veteran best actor dustin hoffman is films kung fu panda master raccoon dubbing, he said: "at my age, have short-term amnesia, so... everything is new."
As a result of this "kung fu panda 2" had more than the first episode of the Chinese elements, so in this event all talked about his "China complex".24 dvd
Jolie said he is looking forward to cooperate with Chinese actors and directors, "in short, I have sessions, always welcome." And jack black, however, when can China while filming said 1: "may soon."
"Kung fu panda 2" reveals the antecedents of leading the treasure -- actually it was duck adopted. Said to adopt, the scene of the most voice, "my way Julie children watching the movies are very happy, the office dvd
ask me all sorts of questions about the treasure life. But the topic such as adoption in my family is filled with joy, so for me to explain these completely easy."
Three in conference, intimidating serious smack-talking reporter amused bizet's thrilled. For example about the panda is almost extinct topics, dustin hoffman said: "I don't know, I haven't seen a is not popular, but I like the panda full-circle I haven't seen a panda." House MD dvd
And a reporter asked now how to keep the peace, the old man played a humorous nature again, "I think in cannes' peace 'this stuff is not exist, I so big shots, you always take pike with my short cannon, now still sit Angelina jolie edge, you want how I peace?"
The "takeshi kaneshiro pseudo-angelic-looking group" down reporter
The day before yesterday, starring donnie yen, takeshi kaneshiro, tang wei, kicks, eclectic, li xiaoran are arriving in cannes. Entourage dvd
The first arrived a airport, namely takeshi kaneshiro by dozens of countries to encircle journalists. Meanwhile, a reporter in the fall nearly fell, takeshi kaneshiro hurriedly come forward to "pseudo-angelic-looking group". Later, director Peter chan and his girlfriend title went hand-in-hand stepped out of the airport, by the media, little lovers "seriously" intimate more moods soar, Peter chan said: "the best is the fine print, you like the most to hear." The first to cannes in the world around them seem li xiaoran all filled with curiosity, she said that her "red carpet shirt" also got major brand's affection. As for cannes, the regular wife wang and donnie yen late poem poem arrives. Son Dan hands push cart as a vacation mentality, coming. The Tudors dvd
And in France has to turn around and participated in several activities is the biggest tang wei, sitting idly car arrived in cannes.
The people have arrived, "martial arts" also heard the good news. Large American publisher TWC officially announced in cannes, will "martial arts" in addition to Asia and beyond all the French global copyright buying. It also become the cannes film festival reach first "super large single". TWC boss Harvey weinstein is known as "Oscar push", its product release movies, accumulative total won 61 honour Oscar "walking", including "kill bill", "the king's speech", "shameless bastard." Before signing the contract, he made no effort to hide a way: "I buy" martial arts ", is to Oscar!" It is reported, Harvey weinstein also for "martial arts" issued in overseas added a loud vice name "dragon".Ghost Whisperer dvd


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