Psychedelic college is introduced. The plot

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Psychedelic college is introduced. The plot Empty Psychedelic college is introduced. The plot

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The first season
The first episode of the Ian Archer in playing computer games, meet a code whisper119 peculiar players, then, a series of incredible thing happened...Cold Case dvd
When the Ian woke up, he found himself in a strange name Prep school, Tower. And whisper it is management supervision and the school's central computer. Trying to escape from this strange school, he met with the common goal of three Gabe Forrest, C.J. and friends Suki Sato, who were have absolute persuasive, expression, comprehension ability and unparalleled imitate ability. Four people will jointly explore this school, find out the secret of escape here I met your mother dvd
The second set the Ian was school students accused of stealing personal belongings, and these stolen goods in his drawer was found. Before the trial, he must be controlled segregation. In order to wash the Ian charges, three friends via various ways closer to the Ian, were moniter stop. The Ian haphazardly found that the school, and this is the secret word may be true thief stealing and smooth plant the Ian shortcuts. Four people by exploring ways, finally find the real secret is the thief Gabe roommate Howard.The Simpsons dvd
The third set the headmaster asked students through art performance they super ability, Suki had painted vacuum tubes caused the headmaster's anger. Once the first day in the Ian deferred enrolling notes (I 'm scared, the mystery man again have) for action. When four groups want to restart whisper119, thus in the principal's office looking for clues, accidental handwriting with vacuum tubes launched whisper23 between, a highly dangerous mainframe computer. They finally found that remind them whisper23 notes carefully whisper119, unexpectedly is mysterious.the tudors dvd
The fourth set the Ian want to join the "buffer ball" game -- is this psychedelic college in unique sports, his friends (especially CJ) is all like it. But the Ian could not understand competition rules, besides the team captain all can enjoy Cal - and the Ian Cal are and have contradiction. Coach suddenly let the Ian bear the leader, Cal and the Ian contradictions have intensified. The opponent team coach secret contact the Ian, promote the special abilities that the Ian suits "buffer ball" the sport. The Ian initially didn't promise, but soon found that promote with "guardian" coach may have relations. The Ian must be quickly made a decision: loyal to his task and friends more important? Or try every possible means to beat Cal more important?Mad Men DVD
The fifth episode one was "illegal college in The Rooks" mysterious organization trying to recruit The Ian and Gabe to join. The Ian decided, find this organization's beat him at his own game number - including whether they can really make students more powerful ability ". Meanwhile, CJ accidentally violated "Rooks" leader, The other in The decision in campus party CJ big do some damage.
The sixth set the Ian a began to want to finish literature class arrangement "book" homework, but later discovered the homework or pretty significant. In writing "book" process, the Ian suddenly found the book describes locations, character, plot and psychedelic college are very similar. The Ian and friends decided to follow this lead an investigation. Get the answer in the same time, they also suffered a huge risk.Entourage dvd
The seventh set Gabe decided to campaign vice-chairman of the students' union. By competitors are strong, Gabe had to turn to a few friends. They persuaded him to use "super persuade spell. Tricky is... His "super persuade art" unexpectedly mysterious disappeared. This kind of phenomenon seemed likely to be infected, Gabe's friends were quickly lost their "super ability". Aware of it may the origin of "super ability" relevant, several people decided to launch a survey.true blood dvd
The eighth set the Ian and a group of students by the headmaster selected, to the woods around college survival training "accept". The Ian want to take this opportunity to explore the woods environment, but the headmaster gave him arrangement "training partner" unexpectedly is his rivals Cal... The Ian's plans fell through. Worse, the Ian and Cal got lost in the woods, stirred terrible Gnome (wear masks to protect forest creatures).true blood dvd
The ninth set the Ian etc man had a strange dream, the dream of the same with a yellow elevator all concerned. They later found psychedelic institute will new student hidden in a secret location. Meanwhile, the Ian and Gabe's bedroom live in a new "roommate," they suspect the man is the President sent to spy on their "spy".
The tenth already died Suki found integrating appeared in college, and brother for principal work. Meanwhile, as the Ian hacked into the school phone system, they thought they can and external contact.Disney movies dvd
Eleventh set the Ian etc in flight from college planning. Action eve, Cal suddenly regression, the Ian doubt that he is the President sent to spy. Meanwhile, the Ian found a group of "deprived rights" students in the woods life.
Episode 12 Gabe discovered the headmaster, etc, the chemical plan plot by the headmaster design put into west campus, LAN decided to save Gabe, and C.J is trying to make her father ask, for a partner, will be cut to safeguard their LAN ideal school.Disney dvd collection
The thirteenth set LAN go west campus Gabe, in to save the west campus with the secret passage Gnome meet, beat them and met mystery man, got some prophecy, and Sui was being father take away from the home, just forced by LAN had saved, C.J way again found is the headmaster daughter, deceive you, after C.J choose partners, contradictions, everyone together saved Gabe finally escaped from the psychedelic tree hill dvd


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