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Several: a total of 13 sets in the first quarter
Chinese subtitle version: update the thirteenth set whole 】 【
TV: a Cartoon
Time: 2010 aired October 16 [1]
Actor: to Drew Van Acker... The Ian Archer
Ryan Pinkston... Gabe Forrest
Elise Gatien... C.J.Criminal Minds dvd
Dyana Liu... Suki Sato
Following the wonderful History "(Unnatural, cartoon channel after promote) and took a called" psychedelic institute "the real Prep) Tower (television. The play is described as a with black elements and magical elements of the youth play. Confused college first season still (9 zhang)
Story about a group of have "special talent" teenagers to a mysterious college - are among the docile, also have personality rebellious.Supernatural DVD
College seems to affected to some magical protection, students not only remember the external world of any thing, also cannot leave the campus. The academy adults no name, only appellation, such as "President", "nurse". Some senior student by the headmaster valued to spy on other students movements, in order to avoid their abuse of his ability. But there is still some part of the students is the penetration of the forces of evil, taboo witchcraft have an interest. These students have a dangerous game: as long as can win, any means can be used.ncis dvd
Archer have "hero the Ian foresee ability, can be in danger happening to act before. Gabe Forrest has "super persuasive", anyone fights only his mouth kung fu. C.J. have "mind reading" ability, can the micro expression through people figure out each other's idea, can even through the handwriting of character judgement handwriting master, so it's easy to through people's heart. Chinese Suki play Sato are Japanese "super imitate force" as long as contact once then can imitate others voice and handwriting, etc, and experienced in software design.
Producer for the "century of claiming the play" lost in space ".
To Drew Van AckerOne Tree Hill DVD
To Drew Van Acker (Drew. Whoever.
Born in Philadelphia in 1986, is an American model.
Height 183cm.
To Drew Van Acker in 2006 at him by the age of 20 began a career. Participate in audition later, his first big breakthrough took "Genre" is the magazine covers. His gorgeous appearance Bruce Weber is world famous photographer for "Abercrombie&Fitch" are looking for. Weber very valued him, he successively appeared in various cover propaganda Abercrombie &f "including return to heaven". To Drew one after another for "also Acker Van Jock International", "Eagle", "as fantasticmag" to work as a model.sons of anarchy dvd
Acker March 2009 to Drew Van ferrer entered The Castle, he appeared on ", "" Greek," "The Lake", and in The WB 's "The Lake" Web better
To Drew Van Acker model photo (eight)
Dexter dvd


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