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The plot is introduced:
The captain jack sparrow - si "black pearl" ship was wily conciliator barr barlow sasha captain after he stole the whole, free and easy days leisurely changed. Barr barlow gaza also attacked segolene royal port town, kidnapped mayor's beautiful daughter Elizabeth swahn. Elizabeth childhood friend will - with jake Turner, bravely driving the fastest warships in the British fleet to intercept ", "to save her, and retrieve the" black pearl "number. Elizabeth's fiance, suave fc debbi linton driving "fearless", and in all the warship behind chased them.true blood dvd

In retook the oneself beloved "black pearl" number and outdueled the cursed barbosa captain captain jack, charming after this live a calm not unfettered days, this time he ushered in a more quirky enemy - the legendary deathless person - David Jones! This is a man in the ocean depths of the devil, will win column along morsels drive his "flying Dutchman" number, braving the wind and TaoHai a pen to captain jack blood! In addition, have parted ways with jack and are busy wedding little blacksmith will - Turner and beauty Elizabeth heard jack is difficult, or opted to help out.
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"Pirates of the Caribbean: at world's end, the story follows a, tells the captain jack was the sea engulfed the then jack Johnson, Elizabeth and good friend will undead pirate barbossa alliance, the composition" captain "legion, save jack sail ran to distant to Singapore. And, of course, is captain jack dead, he persuaded of king and his pirates joined together against David pirates coalition - Jones and east India company's fleet, a super sea fight coming.Disney dvd collection
Basic information
Title: "Pirates Of The Caribbean: seven disk pack Trilogy" (Pirates Of The CD Caribbean: 7 - Disc Trilogy Collection)

Director: Gore - dimension binns Gore Verbinski base ()

Starring Johnny Depp (Johnny: Depp) Orlando Bloom Orlando Bloom) -- kyra (Keira Knightley) - Knightley (Geoffrey Rush of Jeffrey - Rush ()

Medium: 6BD + 1DVD

Video: 2.35:1

Screen resolution: 1080p

Dolby Digital audio tracks: English: 5.1

English: PCM5.1

Spanish: Digital 5.1 Dolby

French Dolby Digital 5.1.

Onscreen caption: English, Spanish, French

The issuing company: Disney/bo wei international (Buena Vista) gentlemen /

Film length: 1646 minutes
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